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Fury in the Galactic Core 2020

Single Day Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament
In support of Norfolk and Waveney Mind!
Fury in the Galactic Core 2020


Please note, this event has been postponed due to the current situation with COVID-19

We have regrettably taken the decision to postpone Fury in the Galactic Core 2020. While the lockdown may well be easing, we are still very uncertain how gaming will look.

That being said, we are keen, alongside our sponsors to postpone the event to a future date so as to ensure many folks as possible can play but also to generate the biggest possible impact. The committee will continue to monitor the situation and liaise with sponsors as well as Norfolk and Waveney Mind, who as we are sure you will agree are a hugely apt charity given the mental health and wellbeing complications the lockdowns have had.

Thank you for your support, but please do keep tuned to this page as we'll announce a new date when this happens.

Past Events

Fury in the Galactic Core 2019

Single Day Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Tournament Held on Saturday 3rd August 2019
£1,057.24 raised for the East Anglian Air Ambulance!
40k Doubles Tournament for East Anglian Air Ambulance

Sat 3rd August 2019

A fantastic day was had by all who played and those who popped in to support the cause too! In an exceptionally rare show of unity, the Emperor, the Chaos Gods and all Xenos were very pleased with the gaming pleasure being enjoyed by all. Even the Hive Mind enjoyed it, although we think this was because it had a buffet!

We, along with all sponsors and the East Anglian Air Ambulance, strongly feel that everyone walks away a winner! We are very grateful for all the support and generous donations received from all! A special mention is made to our wonderful Adepta Sororitas: Christina; Karys; Hannah; Jade and Claire, who baked some very well received cakes and goodies which alone contributed £200 of the total raised.

The original event pack can be viewed here, and the submitted alliance narratives are available here. Finally, no event like this would be complete without photos, which can be viewed here.

Due to many requests and overwhelming positive feedback received, Fury in the Galactic Core is returning in 2021! We will revisit the mysterious planetoid, now a known Necron tomb world but one also tainted by the ruinous powers!

Without the generous support for prizes and costs received from the following organisations, this event would not have been the success it was! Please do check them out when you can, and give them your support. All are fabulous East Anglian local businesses and organisations too!

Main Sponsors and Prize Support

Kerrison Toys donated the majority of the total prize support for the event and Norfolk Scouts provided the venue for the entire day. However all the support adds up, and additional support was received from: Foster Clinic, Athena Games, The Games Table, MAD Gaming Terrain and Norfolk Boardgames, War Games and Collectables, Aftermath Gaming Club, Henchmans, 4tk Gaming and Cronos Wargaming

Thank you all for promoting and getting behind the event!