Fury in the Galactic Core

40k Doubles Tournament for East Anglian Air Ambulance

A Warhammer 40,000 Doubles Event held on Sat 3rd August 2019

We Raised £929.00 for the East Anglian Air Ambulance!

A fantastic day of gaming was had by all! The figure raised excludes gift aid and collection pots, so we expect this to break £1,000! Massive congratulations to all who were involved!

So as we are concerned, as well as all sponsors and the Air Ambulance, everyone walks away a winner from the event! We are very grateful for all the support and generous sponsorship received from all! A special mention is made to our wonderful Adepta Sororitas: Christina; Karys; Hannah; Jade and Claire, who baked some very well received cakes and goodies which helped raise more funds too! #Togetherwesavelives


Warmaster of the East Anglian Air Ambulance 2019 (Finished in 1st Place)

Congratulations for finishing in joint first place with three wins and a grand total of 70 victory points each!

I got lost in North Norfolk (Finished in the Middle of the Standings)

Congratulations for finishing in the middle of the standings!

I Got Spanked and Required East Anglian Air Ambulance Support in 2019 (Finished in Last Place)

Commiserations for finishing in last place, but enjoy your prize!

I Have Friends in the Sky! (Most Sporting Team)

Congratulations for being voted the most sporting team!

East Anglian Air Ambulance Artificer (Best Painted Army)

Congratulations for being voted as having the best painted army!

I'm Fluffy and I Like It! (Best Narrative for Army Alliance)

Congrulations on being judged jointly for having forged the best narrative for your alliances!

Post-Event Narrative and Write-Up

Coming soon! Watch this space!

Sponsors and Support

Without the generous support for prizes and costs received from the following organisations, this event would not have been the success it was! Please do check them out when you can, and give them your support. All are fabulous East Anglian Local Businesses too!

Main Sponsors

Kerrison Toys donated the majority of the total prize support for the event and Norfolk Scouts provided the venue for the entire day. However all the support adds up an resulted in a fantastic prize pool and all costs being covered!

Supporting Clubs and Venues

Thank you all for promoting and getting behind the event!