About Norwich Last Stand

Norwich Last Stand is a tabletop wargaming club offering a place to play a wide range of tabletop games. Tabletop gaming is a diverse and enriching hobby, which as a club, we seek to holistically promote. While Games Workshop games such as Warhammer are the most popular games played at Norwich Last Stand, anyone is welcome to play any game on Thursday evening club nights.

What To Expect

Aside from a friendly welcome, we have plenty of space and tables available with a wide range of terrain to create your battlefield with. We also cater for a wide range of gaming abilities, so whether you’re a hardened veteran or a complete beginner, we are confident we can hook you up with a game whether that be competitive or not.

40k Battlefield

A Warhammer 40,000 battlefield setup using a selection of terrain available at the club.

While some players do prearrange their games, many do not. We operate a casual game random draw system each week for Warhammer 40,000. If you are planning to make your first visit to Norwich Last Stand, we recommend getting in touch with us beforehand so we can arrange a game and introduction for you. However, while we cannot offer any guarantee, do feel free to turn up with your army should you want to visit us and have a game, and we will accomodate you as best we can. If you are new to the tabletop wargaming hobby, and should you wish, many of our members would be delighted help you with the hobby and how to play.

On the subject of fully painted armies, sure they look great, but this is by no means an expectation on club nights, so please do bring your miniatures, however painted they are. Of course for tournaments or other specific events, then fully painted armies are usually required as a rule.


Norwich Last Stand is not a strict or exclusive "members only" club. On the contrary, membersip of Norwich Last Stand is determined not by a payment of a membership subscription, but rather continued regular attendance in a six month period. Furthermore, existing members "vote in" new members each year at the club's AGM. Members are entitled to raise as well as vote on points at the AGM and other meetings, stand in committee elections as well as a few other perks in addition.

First game with Necrons

A new player having their first ever game.

If Norwich Last Stand sounds interesting to you, please feel free to come and see us one Thursday evening, complete with your miniatures if you'd like game. If you prefer to find out more before venturing to the club, then please do hit us up on Facebook to find out more!

Club Fees

Sadly not all things in life can be free and we do need to cover the cost of the hall and everything else that comes with it. However, as said, we do provide plenty of terrain, including game mats, for you to create great looking battlefields. There is no annual subscription at Norwich Last Stand as membership revolves around regularly attending and gaming at the club in a six month period. We have a simple "pay and play" fee stucture which we hope keeps things simple and flexible.

£1 per evening

Non-full tabletop games e.g.
Building/Painting, Board, Card and Role Play Games

£3 per evening

Tabletop games e.g.
Warhammer 40,000, Age of Sigmar etc.

If it is your very first time playing at Norwich Last Stand, you have nothing to pay as it will be free!.

If you are wanting to play tabletop games every week in a month, then you can pay £10 on the first Thursday of that month. If you've any queries about the fees and how it works, please do drop in or send us a message through Facebook.

As a not-for-profit club, Norwich Last Stand is voluntarily run by its members and primarily seeks to cover its costs; Surplus funds are invested into the new terrain, running events and tournaments and other club resources. We also have a club bits box, which contains various spare and unused parts from model kits and is free for anyone who plays to make use of. We also encourage members to contribute their spare bits left over from sprues, should they not want them, instead of binning them as is often the case.

Current Committee

Norwich Last Stand has three elected committee members, each of whom are voted in by club members during our previous AGM in January 2021. These guys handle all the admin and formal bits that come with running the club so the rest of us can focus on the much more important business of playing with our toy soldiers! Our current committee comprises:


Chris Elliott


Rory McNally


Mike McGuire