Steve’s Necrons of the Sautekh Dynasty

The Ankh of the Triarch
We foolishly awoke a large tomb of Steve’s still expanding collection of Necrons. We asked Steve a few questions about his army as well as took a few photos which you can view below. Steve has been a regular player at Last Stand since 2015 when he re-embraced his childhood hobby. He is a keen Age of Sigmar player too with a Death army (can you see the pattern here?). If you have any comments or questions, please check out our Forums or Facebook page.

NLS: Steve, we understand that your army has a reputation for not dying?

Steve: So it seems! Necrons reanimate, and they can do it exceedingly well. I won’t say that I delight in watching my opponents shed a few tears when that blob of warriors gets back up after they failed to kill them during their turn.

NLS: So, why Necrons?

Steve: A good question really. Many years ago when I was younger, I had a lot of fun playing Warhammer Fantasy and especially enjoyed a tomb kings army I had. Obviously, I had a long break away from the hobby – but I did get into playing the Dawn of War games, and Dark Crusade was amongst my favourite with the Necrons. When I rekindled my hobby interest – it was a no brainer, and it’s like tomb kings in space to an extent.

NLS: We note you have Trazyn the Infinite, yet everything is Sautekh Dynasty… whats this about?

Steve: I’m a huge fan of Trazyn in the fluff, when I saw the miniature in Norfolk Boardgames, War Games and Collectables (the Yarmouth shop) I just had to buy him. He’s more ornamental and for comic reflief – frankly, I think he sucks in 8th edition 40k and I don’t have a Nihilakh dynasty army to benefit from his rules either.

NLS: You’ve a lot of Necrons here, is this army complete or are you planning on more models?

Steve: I wouldn’t consider any army necessarily complete. 8th edition has transformed the way many units work – for instance, C’Tan are dangerous again – even more so if you bubble wrap them with Wraiths. The so called “silver tide” is frightening too – basically 20 man blobs of warriors that all have a -1 ap in their shooting. I do intent on getting the big forge world pylon – I already have the sentry pylon, which lost its 7th edition beam cheese. I also really like the way Triarch Praetorians roll in 8th too, so intend on getting another 5. Flayed ones are also a big possibility too.

NLS: On a hobby front, many players at the club admire the manner in which you base your models, we especially love the Praetorians and your Destroyers, how important to you is the basing of your models?

Steve: For me, basing is the part I really love. It’s a creative freedom but a good base can really bring the model out. I can sometimes spend days working on a base. I would say it’s a way of really personalising your army and making it unique to you. I tend to theme it all around the base. So the Necrons have this barren, waste theme. My Age of Sigmar is a little more green and grasses, rocks, bones etc. The destroyer bases (well flyer bases in general) were a project to replace the GW plastic flyer bases which I feel are cheap horrible rubbish. I shared a topic on the forums showing the progress of this. Always happy to give base ideas or share what I do with others though.

NLS: What would be the one piece of advice you would give to someone brand new to Warhammer 40,000 be?

Steve: As many have already said before, go with what you like. This is a hobby that demands time and passion and you need to have that in order to bring your little plastic (or resin in some cases) miniatures to life. It’s great to field a fully painted army on a battlefield. Go and read the fluff, watch some battle reports on YouTube or anything that gets you engaging with possible options. Each army/faction has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Necrons for example are highly resilient and often difficult to defeat due to their reanimation protocols rule. Above all, it’s about enjoying it, the building, painting and ultimately playing.

NLS: Thanks for sharing Steve!

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“Order. Unity. Obedience. We taught the galaxy these things long ago, and we will do so again.”

~ Imotekh the Stormlord, Phaeron of the Sautekh Dynasty